Federation of Malaysian Freight Forwarders

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FMFF was established in 1987 as a National Association with the following objectives:-

UNIFICATION: To unify all freight forwarders in the country through the promotion of co-operation and understanding among members.
REPRESENTATION: To protect and represent the interests of members at the National and International levels.
SERVICE STANDARDS: To improve the quality and standards of services of members through information and data exchange, documentary simplification systems and organisational development and internationalisation.
ETHICS: To establish, maintain and promote ethical standards within the profession.
ARBITRATION: To arbitrate in the settlement of disputes and difficulties arising between members.
GROWTH: To foster the growth and awareness of freight forwarding through appropriate publications and promotions.
PUBLIC RELATIONS: To foster and improve relations with shippers, carriers, governmental bodies and other related and interested parties.
TRAINING: To provide for vocational training at the national level.